What’s the most effective way to study for AP Biology?


Posted on : 25-10-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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I’m finding it hard to study effectively and thoroughly. I tried taking notes for one chapter, but that took way too much time. I tried just reading the chapter, but I could not retain the details. I’m currently trying flashcards, but it’s still time-consuming, and I don’t know how helpful it is in memorization yet. I really want to do well, but I don’t have the time seemingly necessary to do so. Does anyone have any study tips to cut down on time but still remember everything?

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Remeber there are some people who can glance at something and just memorize. there are others however who NEED to slow down to digest everything thoroughly so they can do well. (there also a third kind of person, they think theyre the first, but they arnt) You gotta know how well u retain information. If it takes u a while, then maybe u just gotta put in that extra effort when studying. AP classes arent a cakewalk, they require lots of time and investment. I took the class. studied long hours and pulled a 4. Read a section of the chapter, then write down what u think are the important points of that section. then do that for each section. that way u break it all down into managable parts, so it doesnt seem like one giant chapters. If flashcards dont work for u, then just drop it. I know i did that and it helped. Also, get the AP cliffnotes review book. that thing helped me soo much. so yeah. breka down the chapters. take notesd while ur teacher is talking. u dont exactly have to scan and memorize ur notes, but writing things right after u hear them helps u retain the info better

Biology IS time-consuming. If you don’t like that it isn’t the subject for you.

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