Where can i find a free study guide for a Deputy Sheriff entrance exam?


Posted on : 09-01-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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Im going in for a basic physical eye, hearing and drug test along with an exam. I am applying for Deputy Sheriff Trainee and/or Correctional Deputy. i do not have the money to buy the $42.00 book and im looking for a free alternative. Can someone help me quickly? test date is on the 22nd of november!

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Whatever you do…do not get it online…your best bet is to ask the instructor the best way to study

You go to the library reference section. Pickup a study guide for any police etc. They are all the same.
Barron’s is good.
Just remember if you can read and comprehend you will pass the application test. That is all it is. You need no knowledge of police or correctional work. The test will have an excerpt from a training manual or such adn then ask you questions about what you read.
If their is an oral component the study guide can give you some tips. The tips on how to relax and how not to over study are also useful.

Public Library.

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